Monday, December 7, 2009

Long time no post ^^

Hey everyone,

Sorry about not posting I've been not posting along with Kat for moral support, but I thought I would give you all a quick update...

As you know Thanksgiving was about 2 weeks ago… that was fun… Kat seemed to deal with it well she did not really eat but we had a semi-decent talk about it after and she seems to be back to eating again. She really seems to want to break this problem. I'm so proud of her.

In other news she got drunk last week at school and at on this guy’s lap. (We will call him Tom) Now see that wouldn’t be too big of a deal except Kat has been having some problems with Tom. Tom has non stop tried to break us up ever since she met him. So while Kat was drunk Tom took advantage of her and had her sit on his lap, and proceeded to hug her and tell her that he loved her. Unfortunately since she was dunk she said I love you back.

So I am obviously angry at Tom when Kat told me this later. See I am not at school when Kat is so I can’t be there to stop this. So I ask Kat to stop talking to Tom (I don’t think this is a big deal) but she declines saying something to the effect of, “I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t mean to take advantage of me.” (It’s completely ridiculous) So I guess they are still talking which aggravates me because he is the type of guy to take advantage of girls.

So that’s what has been going on… It’s a fun world we live in ^^

Talk to you all soon,


  1. :( y would she screw such a wonderful thing up

  2. Doesn't sound like things are going too well, sorry to hear it. Getting drunk at school, especially in your senior year (I think shes a senior?), bad call, obviously. I had a friend who lost his college acceptance over that. Kat is a nice person and that's the problem with being a nice person--people take advantage of it. But it sounds as though she is very truthful with you, which is good. While I doubt Kat would ever cheat on you, or something like that, she should respect your feelings and stop talking to the guy, even if it doesn't seem like the 'nice' thing to do. Besides he sounds like a scummer that she shouldn't be hanging around with anyway.

  3. i wouldn't worry too much about tom. if she's still trusting you enough to try to beat her ED by your side, you know she's really yours. kat's a kind person, and she probably just didn't want to hurt tom's feelings.

  4. I think it is incredibly sweet of you to try to protect her from all the bad things out there. If I didn't have a wonderful boyfriend myself I would be sooo jealous ^^
    I think it's ok for her to still talk to Tom. If he really is a creep that wants to take advantage of her, then her behaving naturally makes her less vulnerable and him less likely to see her as easy game. And I believe she knows what she has in you, so you don't have to worry.

    but it's hard to just not worry, I know.

  5. reading this all through again.

    I think you should change the title of this blog to "moping about how my girlfriend isn't perfect" because that is all you ever seem to want to do here. you don't want her to be happy. you just want her to change. be different. be your version of perfect. you are everything I fight against.

    sorry if that's rude. but if you wanted this to be private, and for people to not write their opinions, you'd keep a secret diary not write a blog.